Album Review: Carnifex – Die Without Hope

Carnifex-Die-Without-HopeCarnifex is one of those bands that I kept hearing about, but never took the time to check out.  I couldn’t honestly tell you how many times this has happened in my life.  It seems there is an endless pit of metal bands out there and I will never have the time to check them all out.  Baby steps, I guess.  This baby step led me in the direction of the latest Carnifex album, Die Without Hope.  Now, when I hear a band for the first time that I probably should have been hearing about already, I usually end up with one of two conclusions. First is damn, I have been missing out on good shit. Second is well, no love lost and I move on.  In this case, Carnifex is the first conclusion…I am kicking myself for not checking them out earlier.

One of the things I like about the album is not only the varied grunt/squeal vocals, but that this outfit combines additional elements into their mix.  Not to take away from their deathcore sound, they seem to have a more mature sound.  Sometimes deathcore is a relentless bash in the brains of blast beats and tight riffs and unintelligible lyrics.  Though there is a lot of that going on, Carnifex has no problem toning things down a bit, minimizing their breakdowns and concocting what really amounts a brutal recipe in the vein of a very slightly more thrash/death vibe.

From the very beginning the stage is set.  Die Without Hope barely lets up its harsh cadence and delivers a bone crushing symphony of all that makes metal glorious.  The only unfortunate thing is that I have nothing to compare it to as I have not heard their previous albums.  Die Without Hope is also the first album to appear on Metal Blade.  Their last three albums were with Victory Records releases.  For longtime fans, does this change in label seem to have made a difference for better or worse?

Overall, the album could use a little more diversity, but deathcore doesn’t really do that and it’s okay.  Having an album full of songs that are aggressive and fast is never a bad thing.  I do not dock points for consistency.  They do have a more mature sound than some other bands of their genre that should increase your blood pressure a little bit and provide you an enjoyable experience.  On another note, it also makes for a good cardio workout album.

Length:  39 Minutes

Songs:  10

My Favorite Song:  Hatred and Slaughter

Release Date:  4 March 2014

Record Label:  Metal Blade

Nationality:  United States (California)


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  1. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been wanting to listen to this but forgot. It’s almost symphonic deathcore, the evil kind of symphonic, not the cheesy one. Carnifex sounds very close to black metal too at times. Sounds great anyway! I’m a bit surprised that you like it 🙂

    • I am kind of surprised I like it too. I guess there is always room for a select few from a genre I don’t normally gravitate to. But, it’s a pretty great album, I think…maybe it helped listening to them while running. 😉

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