Roundtable Review: Eyes Wide Open – Aftermath

DCIM100GOPROLabel:  Independent Release

Release Date:  19 Nov 2013

Songs:   11

Length:  44 Minutes

Genre:  Melodic/Groove Metal

Studio Albums:   This is their debut

Location:  Sweden

WarpRider – The happy warm fuzzy feeling music sometimes throws me off because it feels like it was created for a broader audience; make it hard, but thrown in melodic choruses to balance it out and maybe chicks will like it.  Though it has a recipe I would not normally gravitate to, I do find the music catchy and consistent and I must give credit for that.  Not a very unique style, but still catchy.  3.0 

Atleastimhousebroken – Power metal positive vibes without all that flowery power metal.  Some pretty solid melo-death goes well with, for the lack of a better term, Nu-metal vibes all with that wholesome feeling you get from rocking out to the latest Sonata Arctica record.  There could be some definite tightening of in both songwriting and performance, but for the most part this is a solid debut even if it get a bit long in the tooth at times. 3.0

Irmelinis – Great opening track! It caught my attention immediately. This is an okay effort for a first album; it includes nice, catchy melo-death melodies, fantastic vocals overall and there is an abundance of cool riffing guitars always present. The best songs are Foxdie’  ‘New World Order’ and ‘Avalanche’.  As a whole it needs more variation (like the wonderful strings at the end of ‘The Dark Inside’) as it gets a little repetitive towards the second half of the album. 3.0

ChristopherMammal – What a feel-good band! The musicianship is out of the top drawer. Some of the guitar solos are sublime. There are well thought-out changes of pace and mood between tracks and within the individual songs. In the vocal department, the voices are superb and the combination of dark and clean singing works beautifully. My only carping would be that some of the drumming and the riffs become a little repetitive. Overall, however, this is music I can listen to often. 4.2

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.3 out of 5 


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