Roundtable Review: The Strigas – A Poisoned Kiss to Reality

SBR005 CoverLabel:  Southern Brigade Records

Release Date:  28 Feb 2014

Songs:   12

Length:  42 Minutes

Genre:  Hard Rock/Gothic

Studio Albums:   This is their debut album

Location:  Italy

WarpRider – I thought I might sample something I thought would be a little different.  It didn’t take long to realize that the music is almost too “feel good” by combining some power metal elements and a more standard hard rock appeal.  It’s an album that can appeal to most listeners because it’s user friendly, but for this guy it lacks any respectable level of chunk and after a few listens…it’s just not for me.  Though, I can see where A Poisoned Kiss to Reality would appeal to a particular audience.  I will give them that. 2.0 

Atleastimhousebroken I absolutely didn’t like this album whatsoever.  However I must say the commercial metal genre (or alt. metal, or whatever genre you’d stick bands like Cold, Seether, Papa Roach, etc in) I dislike almost as much as female fronted pseudo-gothic opera metal (aka: Nightwish). The record was as drab, passionless, and predictable as a Nickelback album. 1.5

Irmelinis – The album started out very promising with an industrial-like intro. Unfortunately the first thirty seconds was the only good part on the whole thing.  During the rest of the tracks I’m showered in horrible “twinkle, twinkle little star” – keyboards, random guitar riffs and dubstep moments, simple drumming and sugary choruses about broken hearts and bitterness. Not for me. 1.0

ChristopherMammal – Whatever the label may say, I wouldn’t call this hard rock, I’d say it’s more Gothic metal with a very melodic feel. However you want to describe it, the album is easy listening, lighter rock/metal with some equally pleasing, deeper tracks. With a female vocalist this could be mainstream symphonic metal. It doesn’t need to be, for vocalist Fabio Ficarella’s light tenor works perfectly well for this type of music. 3.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 2 out of 5 

This an album sampler


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