Roundtable Review: For Today – Fight The Silence

ft-coverart--72dpiLabel:  Razor & Tie

Release Date:  4 Feb 2014

Songs:   12

Length:  44 Minutes

Genre:  Metalcore

Studio Albums:   This is fifth album

Location:  United States (Iowa)

WarpRider – Despite the Christian message, which I try to avoid, I find the music an enjoyable balance between necessary heaviness in metal and their harmonious choruses.  Overall, not a bad album and since the music is more important to me than their (lyrical) message, I will probably spin this from time to time.  2.5 

Atleastimhousebroken I’ve been sounding like an old curmudgeon lately mainly due to no new music really doing much to break the mold or stir their respective genres up a bit.  Everything just sounds so damn pedestrian to me lately.  For Today aren’t really helping pull me out of that mood.  It’s your basic Posi-core that loves Jesus.  I’d throw the horns up to them at a show and would jam to their set, but outside I see no real reason to listen to this band/album.  Competent but not unlike the 50kmil other posi-core bands out there.  2.5

Irmelinis – Although it has a couple of great melodic hooks and an emotional lyrical concept, the lasting impression of this album is that it’s predictable, repetitive and generic. 1.5

ChristopherMammal – There is a powerful message in this album. It is all built on the theme of fighting against human trafficking. Some may be deterred by the fact that For Today is a Christian metalcore band. My comment on that is… so what? It’s the music that matters, and this is really good. This isn’t Bible-thumping, it’s a deeply impassioned, humanitarian plea for justice, and it’s delivered with great musicality. 4.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 2.6 out of 5 


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    Mammal’s just a soppy old git, hey?

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