Roundtable Review: Universe by Monsterworks

Universe StarchildLabel: Mortal Music

Release Date: March 11th, 2014

Songs: 7

Genre: Prog Metal

Studio Albums: Earth

Location: U.K.

WarpRider – They have a knack for combining various elements to make things interesting.  I like the sludgy and jazzy styles thrown into a progressive blender.  Their tempo transitions were seamless and they held my attention for the duration.  3.5

Atleastimhousebroken- Universe was a cool album if a little rough around the edges.  I really enjoyed the proggy, psycadelic elements especially found in the track ‘Voyager’.  I also enjoyed the distinct Devin Townsend influence peppered throughout each track.  And like Hevy Devy, the band embraces a large variety of styles and moods which really help me the occasional speck of sloppiness.  Prog metal fans should really enjoy this album from a band that is showing great potential. 3.5

Irmelinis – An interesting and unexpected mix of styles and high quality songs. It lingers too long in traditional metal/old prog rock territory for me to want to stay and listen more than a couple of songs, but for other metalheads who are still living in the 70’s, it’ll be a great experience. 3.0

ChristopherMammal – This is the sort of music that makes album reviewing such a pleasant, surprise-filled joy. Monsterworks are so much more than a thrash/death outfit. Universe is a basket of musical treats including psychedelic candy, melodic rock cookies and delicious slices of space metal. The heart of death and thrash beats strongly behind the compositions, but every track brings forth something startling and captivating. Most definitely mammal music. 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.6


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