Song Of The Week: Centiment – Bloodshot

Release the booze hounds

I like to drink mother fucker, yeah it’s my favourite thing to do. 
And when I wake up hungover the cabinet is the first place that I go to. 
People all around me bitching, they say that I have a problem. 
I order me a double & another so fuck them. 

They used to say that I was a party animal but now they say that I am a drunk. 
Alcohol consuming alcohol until it becomes its own cannibal. 

My kinda fun well it isn’t too healthy but I always like to have too much fun. 
Growing old it seems kinda hairy & hairy it kinda scares me. 
Bloodshot eyes they will not disguise. 

Take my money mother fucker. 
Just take my money you wanker. 
Take it, take it all. 
And I will make you rich. 

They used to say “That kid yeah he’ll go a long way.” 
But now they say that I have washed it all away. 
(What a cost to pay.) 

I’ll hide my pain away from you. 
I’ll keep it a secret if you force me to. 
What you all call a disease, I choose to call necessity. 
Please drink responsibly they say, sure thing, consistently every day. 
Recommended daily allowance. 
Pretending & failing compliance. 

Blacking out in a strange place. 
Waking in doubt, another shamed waste. 
Déjà vu. 
Alcoholic animosity. 
I hate you. 
Savage chronic constant curiosity. 

I don’t know who I am anymore. 
What have I become? 
What have I done? 

Cut it out.


About Irmelinis

A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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