Roundtable Review: Behemoth – The Satanist

Behemoth-TheSatanistLabel:  Metal Blade

Release Date:  4 Feb 2014

Songs:   9

Length:  45 Minutes

Genre:  Extreme/Black/Death

Studio Albums:   9 others

Location:  Poland

WarpRider – Thud…that was my jaw hitting the floor.  I hate to be so brief, but what else can I say.  It’s so beautifully brutal!  5.0

Atleastimhousebroken – With highs (Demigod) and lows (Grom) I have a bit of mixed opinion with Behemoth.  But when they hit a high, holy hellballs, do they hit a high.  And after a short hiatus while Nergal kicked cancer’s ass, they have the highest they have hit in the lowest depths of hell.  If you don’t get this album you are a horrible person.  Love ya 🙂 -5.0 

Irmelinis – “The Satanist” is just as frighteningly inhuman as it is comfortably human. It’s wildly exhilarating and aggressively exhausting. A perfectly balanced and meticulously Polish-ed soundtrack of Satan. – 4.5

ChristopherMammal – Unholy moly, this album flies high. 5.0

A Metal State of Mind Score –  4.9 out of 5

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Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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