Album Review: Fallen Fate – Into The Black

FALLEN-FATE-Into-The-Black-300x300I guess that’s something to say about your band when you become the first “unsigned” band to get to play at England’s famed Download Festival two years in a row.  It’s also has to be pretty cool to be the headlining act on the unsigned stage at England’s up-and-comer metal festival, Bloodstock.  They are definitely stepping off on the right foot.  After coming off a successful debut self-produced album, The Virus Has Spread, Fallen Fate is back with Into the Black – approximately 45 minutes of wreck-your-neck American style thrash metal.

After listening to the first four songs, I can see where they are influenced the likes of Testament, Chimaira, Lamb of God, and Machine Head to name a few.  It even says so on their facebook page, but even without looking at that, I would have made this assumption anyway.  Their influential favorites do not take over the songs, but you can definitely hear little slices bleed through here and there through their crunchy riffage.  The album’s self-titled track boasts a nice lengthy guitar solo that does remind me of parts of classic Testament and newer Machine Head…which, this thrash metal guy likes.

Overall, Into the Black is consistently aggressive with an appealing growl-style from lead vocalist Lee Skinner.  Though most thrash tended to focus on speed and melody, Fallen Fate does go there, but leans more toward the technical side to give their sound a more modern feel vs. what many would call rethrash.  The album is quite ferocious and does not compromise.   In a music world of multi genre-melding (there’s nothing wrong with that), Fallen Fate sticks to one basic recipe for success – modern thrash built upon a foundation of melody, speed, and technicality.  Yay!

Release Date:  30 Jan 2014

Record Label:  Unsigned

Nationality:  United Kingdom

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  1. ChristopherMammal

    Man, this is good! It’s difficult to believe they haven’t been grabbed by a record company.

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