Roundtable Review: Sierra – Pslip

Sierra coverLabel:  Retro Futurist

Release Date:  28 Jan 2014

Songs:   9

Length:  48 Min

Genre:  Psychedelic / Sludge

Studio Albums:   This is their debut album

Location:  Ontario, Canada

WarpRider – There is sort of a psychedelic, sludgy thing going on here.  I find myself able to get into the music pretty easily.  Pslip is a cool collection of songs of varying tempos that can rock out and also make your mind wander. 3.7

Irmelinis – High quality groovy greatness.  It’s not often music of this style catches my attention, but Sierra’s album really stands out. It’s intelligent, varied, progressive, intriguing and many times very beautiful. Lovely rhythm section and melodies. Excellent songwriting. This album makes me want to spend money. 4.5

ChristopherMammal – Every one of the nine songs on this album is different, and every one is good. Four songs begin with an unspoken letter P. These Canucks play stoner metal with powerful psychedelic influences rather than the heavy metal-ish sound that characterises many stoner bands. Since both approaches are tasty, I’m chewing on Pslip with Pgreat Prelish. Ah, what sweet guitar all the way through without overshadowing the other instruments or the vocals. 4.2

A Metal State of Mind Score – 4.2 out of 5


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