Roundtable Review: Need – Orvam: A Song For Home

needLabel:  Trailblazer Records

Release Date:  10 Jan 2014

Songs:   7

Length:  60 Min

Genre:  Progressive Metal

Studio Albums:   N/A

Location:  Athens, Greece

WarpRider – Seven songs over the course of an hour…impressive.  Their overall vibe gives me the Nevermore meets classic Dream Theater feel.  This is a solid album full of both soft and hard-hitting progressive sounds. It does take a little bit for the album to warm up; give it a chance.  It totally surprised me and kind of a pleasant surprise.  4.5

Irmelinis – Great, strong, well written songs with an excessive use of guitars and nice, raspy, sorrowful vocals. Many times during the album I’m reminded of early Iced Earth, just a bit darker, sometimes a more doomy atmosphere. Impressive, I’m now interested in hearing their previous albums. 3.5

ChristopherMammal – If you want to know what good neo-progressive rock sounds like, it sounds like this. Need doesn’t just completely blur the boundaries between prog metal and prog rock, the band also pulls in the hypnotic rhythms and instruments of Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern metal, progressive folk and symphonic metal. This goes beyond being good prog metal. It’s a tour de force that will surely be in my Best of 2014. 5.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 4.3 out of 5


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