Roundtable Review: Indian – From All Purity

PromoImageLabel:  Relapse Records

Release Date:  21 Jan 2014

Songs:   6

Length:  40 Min

Genre:  Blackened Noise

Studio Albums:   This is their fourth full-length album

Location:  Chicago, Il, USA

WarpRider – It’s not often I come across music so harsh and noisy AND I find myself wanting to listen to it…at least in short durations.  Though, barely in my ballpark of things I like to listen to I like Indian’s music.  The vocals are a bit on the harsh end, but it fits their style perfectly.  This album took a while for me to find the hidden gems that make it interesting.  Peel the layers back a bit and I can see where they would appeal to a certain audience. 3.0

Irmelinis – Heavy, heavy, very heavy listening. After giving this album a couple of spins I’ve come to this conclusion: Indian’s blackened, hypnotic, thick and desolate music works extremely well with me when I’m in the right mood, if I’m not it gives me a painful headache. Which could also be seen as a good thing; this is clearly an album that is made to be so disturbing it will cause nausea or worse ailments. Fascinating music. 4.0

ChristopherMammal – Excuse me a minute, I must find a handkerchief. My nostrils have imploded. It’s very messy. Maybe not as messy as this album, but also not as loud. If you slowed this music down 16 times and raised the pitch of the vocals by four octaves, this would be Sunn O)))’s ugly brother. Forgive me, Indian, I know you have a following, but you lost me somewhere between the amp feedback and the – um – signal generator? 2.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.2 out of 5


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