Rainover – Transcending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth

Rainover CoverGenre: Gothic metal.
Release date: Digital, December 2013; CD, due February 2014.
Label: Wormholedeath/Aural Music.
Recommended to: Fans of Lacrimas Profundere, Tristania, After Forever, Effervescence.

Fill your mug, glass or tankard, set yourself down, and get set to listen from the opening bar to the closing note of this album without wanting it to stop. It’s one of those class acts where there are no really best songs because they’re all so good.

I’m one of about one percent of the population (or so I’ve read) who has synesthesia – I see the color of music. The best colors are reds and oranges. Rainover’s music is the glow of a comforting winter fire or the light refracted through a glass of cabernet sauvignon.

The band or their publicist must also see music in colors. They describe it as “grey, intense, and emotional dream-rock with a modern approach to both composition and sound and still with a dark edge.” It is Gothic metal so it should be somber. It’s also extremely symphonic, however. Maybe I’m influenced by the amount of death and black metal I listen to, but Rainover feels warm to me and puts me in a jolly good mood.

…So do death and black metal. But in a different way.

Rainover is a remake of the band Remembrances, which was established in Murcia, Spain in 2003 and split up in 2011. Four members of Remembrances – Anthon Lo (guitar), Quini Pelegrin (drums), Arturo Hernández (keyboards) and Antonio Perea (bass) – renamed the band and started the hunt for a world-class vocalist. They found the ideal match, Andrea Casanova. She has a pure, enchanting soprano voice, perfect control and sensitive projection, easily adapting the forcefulness of her delivery to the mood and tempo of each song.

Rainover BandTop marks for track selection and placement, Rainover. The album delivers variety in pace and mood, balancing more powerful and faster songs with slower, more atmospheric compositions. Bassist Antonio Perea is a fine backing singer, mostly doing clean vocals with minimal dark growling.

Instrumentally, the album is really impressive. Anthon Lo’s mid-range, catchy guitar riffs provide plenty of energy. For his solos he generates contrast by using a crisp acoustic style rather than slides and elisions. Perea’s bass is frequently in precise step with the lead guitar. There are passages where the respective tempos of bass and guitar are doubled or halved, adding further to the flavor of the music.

The keyboard work of Arturo Hernández adds considerably to the atmosphere of the album. He is especially outstanding on piano, and even more so when the keys become melancholy. Drummer Quini Pelegrin lays creative foundations for all of the lovely music.

In summary, Rainover has set the bar pretty high for other Gothic metal bands. Their album is thoroughly enjoyable.




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