Roundtable Review: Acheron – Kult des Hasses

ACHERON-COVER-hiresLabel:  Listenable Records

Release Date: N/A

Songs:   10

Length:  57 Min

Genre:  Death Metal

Studio Albums:   First album with this new label.

Location:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.

WarpRider – This is a solid death metal band that likes to take things to another level.  Instead of focusing on solely groove or sheer speed, they incorporate both and at the same time douse the listener with, in some cases, long instrumental parts and solos.  Their musicianship definitely adds a bit of flavor than some of the more narrow death metal bands.  3.5

Irmelinis – I can hear that Acheron’s “true late 80’s/early 90’s sound” is well executed and carefully put together on this album. Endlessly shredding guitars in catchy, dark songs, anti-religious cliché lyrics about demons and promiscuous ladies and a good amount of death-y vocals (with an impressive number of guest vocalists). It has everything you need in a solid, typical death metal record. 2.5

ChristopherMammal – On this, their eighth full-length album since 1992 and their first since 2009, Acheron continue their themes of three cheers for Satan, boo to Jesus, and let me lead you to suicide. That doesn’t bother me. God and demons have no meaning in my life, and I doubt if I’d kill myself because it’s an easy way to meet an imagined devil. It also doesn’t bother me that this album is not readily distinguishable from numerous others like it. It’s OK. 3.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3 out of 5 


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  1. After listening to the song I would agree with you all. There’s just the question left why a band from the US gives the record the German title “Kult des Hasses” = “Cult Of Hatred” ? Always the “evil” sounding German language. I will never understand that:-)

    • Your language is rough on the ears for those of us in Amerika. 😉 You can’t imagine what I thought driving into Germany for the first time and saw the Ausfarht sign. Thanks for the album title translation; I never thought to look it up.

      • German can be such a beautiful language, especially in prose and poetry, but also in music. If I had a had the chance I could name numerous examples:-)

      • English is the same way. Ours is not a romance language, but used in the right context can spew beautiful things.

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