Roundtable Review: Here On My Feet by Knowing 2 Fly

BT 035 CoverArtist/Album: Knowing 2 Fly – Here On My Feet

Label:  Bakerteam Records

Release Date:  2014

Songs:   13

Length:  About 45 min

Genre:  Punk Metal

Studio Albums:   This is their debut

Location:  Milan, Italy

WarpRider – They have a cool Hardcore appeal, but more user-friendly for the masses.  It’s the kind of thing you can snap your fingers and have a good time with.  The guitar solo on You Are Your Only Bystander is pretty bad ass.  3.0

Atleastimhousebroken- Best summed up as ‘stupid fun’.  I don’t mean that to be derogatory, but as a positive.  Between the ‘so stupid it’s awesome’ band and song names to the simple songs there is nothing that is ‘intelligent’ per se, but damn, is this record a barrel of monkeys.  It drives, it grooves, it hams things up at every possible moment, and the Italian accents crack me up (this may be due to some catharsis of being an ESL teacher in Milan, Italy).  I really liked the punk rock attitude and carefree feeling of the songs.  This band has some potential, but only if they keep on being their hammy selves and don’t ever try to be serious.  A worthwhile listen.  3.5

Irmelinis – What a silly looking band name…  A talented band, with an okay album, with their strong sides mainly showcased in the slower songs. Too much of simple song structures for my taste, forgettable melodies and mediocre vocals. ‘Unhitch’ and ‘Sun Reader’ are cool, interesting tracks, but those were unfortunately the only ones that grabbed me. 2.0

ChristopherMammal – Calling all punks! Come on in, this is heavier than Panic! At The Disco. It’s as much fun, too. It doesn’t take itself seriously, it concentrates on entertaining with driving riffs, enthusiastic vocals and high energy. 3.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 2.8 out of 5

Bands/Labels, giving us some music to preview with the review prevents me from attaching a video I feel best represents the release 🙂


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