Album Review: Suncrown – You Are Not Alone

1389351206_Aol05NQFirst, I am going to try not to use the word “epic” to describe the myriad of sounds emanating from Suncrown’s latest album, You Are Not Alone.  There is a lot going on here that the eight-piece band brings to the table beyond symphonic melodies, folk infusions, and power metal elements like that of German pioneers Helloween.  Let’s not forget dual male/female vocals suggestive of another popular Dutch band that has the word “epic” in their title.  But, I am trying not to use that word…epic.  All of these elements combined could easily be described as epic, but for the sake of not using epic let’s try using “larger-than-life” as a more fitting description.

At nearly an hour of music, You Are Not Alone encompasses many standard elements of a larger-than-life band with a few additional twists we’ll get to in a minute.  As for the overall feel of the album, the songs range from the slow and melodious self-titled track to more upbeat songs such as Grandfathers Song and The Beginning is Near.  The tempo rises and falls and allows the mind to wander which is a good thing – the overall intent imaginably.  The foundation of the music is that no matter the undertone of the song, they maintain a melodic cadence that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

There are a couple of things that stuck out to me concerning other larger-than-life bands of a similar style.  First, the male/female vocals complement each other vs contrast.  Juliana’s opera style pairs well with American Darren Crisp who also has a clean style, but picks up the deeper end of the octave scale. Together they experiment a little with their vocal chords and have fun, but for the most part they stick to their styles and complement each other nicely and often sing in duet.  Second, I like the folk-infusions which appear, at least in part, during most of the 12 songs.

This is truly an international band with all of its members representing most corners of the world.  They all bring something to the table and their individual parts give Suncrown an edge apart from many in the field also creating larger-than-life music. You Are Not Alone took a while to grow on me, but part of the reason for that is there is so much going on it takes more than one listen to truly appreciate what they are doing here.

For fans of:  Epica, Dream Theater, Eluveitie, Helloween

Release Date:  10 Jan 2014

Record Label:

Nationality:  International


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  1. loving this

  2. Definitly not as bad as I thought, when I read the “For fans of”- comparrisons. No bloated production, nice melody. Also they seem to listen a lot to Rainbow:-)

  3. And a cheap ugly cover “artwork” of course. Seems to be a Power Metal/Modern Metal thing..

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