Roundtable Reviews: S/T by Drawers

760137618423_TOX032_Drawers_Artwork_1400x1400Artist/Album: Drawers – Drawers

Label:  Koatoxin Records

Release Date:  11 Feb. 2014

Songs:   8

Length:  30:21 Min

Genre:  Stoner/Sludge

Studio Albums:   This is their fourth full-length album

Location:  France

WarpRider – It’s dirty and sludgy just like I like it.  Although I do not hear a lot of variance between the songs, they do string together balls and chunk quite well.  It’s heavy as f**k! 3.5

Atleastimhousebroken- The other day I had to clean out the drain in my shower.  There was this viscous grime made up of soap, hair, shampoo, sweat, and dirt that was clogging everything up.  That sludge I was scraping away pretty much is the personification of the music found on Drawers fourth album, except the task of indulging in this kind of sludge was quite enjoyable.  Like the clumps of scum I was pulling out of the drain, there were many elements making up the ooze.  Strong melodies, gruff vocals, bluesy riffs, thick grooves, fat beats, varying paces, and smooth songs.  A very solid album that should please fans of the stoner/sludge genre. 4.0

Irmelinis – Groovy, down to earth and quite entertaining. The music gives me a hardcore-vibe; it’s loud, heavy, intense and never gets boring. The vocals are really nice and carry the melody through every song, while the guitars contribute with lots and lots of awesome, repetitive riffs. I like it. 3.5

ChristopherMammal – Here’s a short but explosive sludge album you should put on at Volume 11 to collapse the neighbors’ house and attract biker buddies and chicks. It reminds me of something Ian Gillen of Deep Purple said: “Make everything louder than everything else.” There are moments of restraint. Most of the time, though, the music is as hard and heavy as the deep, harsh vocals, which sound more like an angry chant than singing. The band introduces changes of pace and melody within the individual songs and, to a lesser extent, from one track to the next. 3.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.6 out of 5


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