Roundtable Review: Arcanum Gloriae by Astral Domine

BT 034 CoverArtist/Album: Astral Domine – Arcanum Gloriae

Label:  Bakerteam Records

Release Date:  21 Jan 2014

Songs:   10

Length:  58 minutes

Genre:  Cheese Metal

Studio Albums:   This is their debut

Location:  Italy

WarpRiderArcanum Gloriae is a cerebral experience.  I am going to refrain from using the word epic…but it is.  There is so much going on here besides folk-ish infused power metal it’s hard to dismiss.  I like albums that make me think about what’s going on and hear the story in the music.  4.0

Atleastimhousebroken- While not quite the ‘formaggio di qualità’ like their fellow Italian Cheese-Whizards Rhapsody (who actually do make a guest appearance on the album), this slice of creamy Mozzerella is just that.  Enjoyable, creamy, smooth, and has an aftertaste that sticks with you for a bit after your finished with it.  A good amount of variety in tones and tempos as well as some pretty good musical sections make this one of the better power metal releases I’ve heard recently.  Fans of the genre should be pleased, but those who aren’t already embedded in the world of cheese power metal aren’t going to get their heads turned. 3.5

Irmelinis – Not bad, but not good either. ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ includes every obligatory symphonic power metal element, no surprises here. The mix is not very well done and the album ends up sounding like it’s been recorded in an ancient castle’s dirty basement. 2.0

ChristopherMammal – Italian power metal bands are conspicuously good at delivering the goods in the style of classical music meets heavy metal. This is epic, Tolkien-type music. Dragons, elves, magic, armour, swords, it’s got them all. Thrashy riffs and drumming, powerful tenor vocals, male choral backing, it has those too, and very melodiously. It also has 12-string acoustic guitar and great variety from the keyboards, including Baroque dulcimer. Now I want to go on a date with an elf and play this album for her. We’ll dance the minuet to the opening of Track 3.  4.2


A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.5 out of 5



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