Stream of the Week – Zaius – Divided By Tides

a0925384199_2This is something I am going to try to do regularly, but as you know life will more than likely get in the way…more than once. Matt has posted numerous streams in the past in the form of Tales From Bandcamp which I felt I never had time to participate in, so I am going to make time.  There is way too much music out there going unheard and in my world, that’s just sad.  Streams are a great way to share music with you that you can listen to anytime or purchase if you like it that much. This weekly forum for streaming music isn’t taking the place of any other type of stream any one of us might do at any time.  I just wanted to personally single out a band and let you know about them and I thought Friday would be a good day for that.

The first of such bands is called Zaius.   Their three track EP, Divided By Tides was released in April 2013 and is available for purchase (name your price) or stream it at Bandcamp.  I suppose the thing that immediately caught my attention was they left out one crucial element…the vocals.  Yeah, this four-piece based out of Chicago, IL is an instrumental band.  While that may bore some people, I find it a luxury in metal especially since these three tracks pack enough instrumentation that you forget the fact that there is no clean, growling, or screaming of any kind to take away from the intelligence behind this score.  The progressive nature combined with an ambient presence allows the music to sink in and really let your mind wander.  If this was their goal, then I would say mission success.  The music does get a bit heavy from time to time, but nothing that detracts from their more subtle sound.  I think you should check it out.  Go ahead, I dare you.

Check out their facebook page here.

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