Roundtable 7” Single Review: Midnite Hellion – Hour Of The Wolf

Midnite HellionLabel: Witches Brew

Release Date: 29 November 2013

Songs: 2

Length: 11 minutes

Genre: Thrash/heavy metal

Studio Albums: None

Location: USA

WarpRider – The vocalist has a strong set of chords. It seems like it’s beginning to be trendy to sound like a band from the ’80s. The introductory two songs here are a good start and reminiscent of my favorite decade…the one I grew up in. I am curious to hear what a full-length album is going to sound like. 3.0

Atleastimhousebroken – Retro traditional metal in a sea of retro traditional metal bands. Nothing really stands out other than the quite good vocals. I really didn’t care for the lead guitar tone during the solos; it sounded like it was covered in a layer of mold (insert bad joke here). If you really love retro traditional metal bands you may dig this EP, all others, there are retro bands that are bringing a lot more to the table (go listen to Sinister Realm right now!!!). 2.0

Irmelinis – Retro-sounding music that is confident and catchy with surprisingly good, strong vocals. It’s enjoyable for a track or two, after that it would become too repetitive for me, as the only changes in the songs seem to be in the singing; the drums, bass and guitars tirelessly follow pretty much the same simple pattern.  But it might be worth checking out if you’re a fan of traditional heavy metal. 2.5

ChristopherMammal – It’s only two tracks but it makes a very pleasant sampler. The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) started in the early 1980s and it hasn’t stopped. It’s global and enduring. The reason for this is simple – its musicality, energy, pulsating solos, pounding riffs and high tenor vocals have made it irresistible to generations of metalheads. Midnite Hellion shows great promise of becoming a torch-bearer for traditional heavy metal and thrash. 3.5

A Metal State of Mind Score 2.8



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I've made it to Mammal. I still hope to be classified as Human one day. Meanwhile I have evolved enough to recognise different types of music as well as the shrieks of certain vervet monkeys who are known for their scurrilous behaviour in the proximity of unguarded bananas.

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