Roundtable Album Review: Diabolical – Neogenesis

DiabolicalLabel: ViciSolum Productions

Release Date:  27 September 2013

Songs:  11

Length: 56 minutes

Genre: Technical death metal

Studio Albums: Four previous albums

Location: Sweden

WarpRider – There is an excellent mix of extremes here with utterly guttural and symphonic touches which provide a nice contrast. It makes sense to me and I find it enjoyable. Overall the album goes from one extreme to the other, but they do it with appropriate transitions and flow. 4.0

Atleastimhousebroken – Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding! This album flat out fucking slays hard as fuck! ’Nuff said. If you like your metal with an extra helping of Satan buy Neogenesis right now. Bombastic as hell, very interesting concept (the story book is a more than welcome touch), sick riffs, evil vocals, twists and turns all over the place, etc. This is an album that will get a lot of playtime on my iPod and is already starting to unveil new details each subsequent listen I give it. 5.0

Irmelinis – Apparently there exist bands from my own country that I’ve never heard about. And to my surprise Diabolical’s adventurous, bombastic style of death metal provides a very nice, highly detailed and carefully composed listening experience. I like how it’s complex and varied in every way, including an interesting, spiritual concept (and a story book!). This goes on my to-buy list immediately. 4.5

ChristopherMammal Neogenesis doesn’t just start playing in the way most albums do. It lures you in and very briefly seduces you with an orchestral, operatic intro – then it explodes. Like any powerful blast, it knocks the breath out of you and leaves you gasping. The songs are lubricated with softer and highly melodic passages, but the overall approach of Diabolical is magnificently unrelenting. As for Sverker Widgren’s baritone dark vocals, they reach deep inside and grip your lungs from the back. In short… a breathtaking album. 4.3

Metal State of Mind Score 4.5

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