Roundtable Album Review: Chronos Zero – A Prelude Into Emptiness: The Tears Path – Chapter Alpha

Chronos ZeroLabel: Scarlet Records / Bakerteam Records

Release Date:  11 November 2013

Songs:  10

Length: 1:03:12

Genre: Progressive metal

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

Location: Italy 

WarpRider – This album felt disjointed to me. I like the progressive nature, the power metal, and the occasional djenty, death metal feel, but combined the album didn’t flow well. Separately, those elements would tickle me kindly, but the transitions seemed forced with too many elements going on at once. 2.5

Atleastimhousebroken – This reminded me of a djenty Symphony X. Plenty of twists and turns, big superflous guitar and keyboard solos, and a nice mix of vocal styles. At times the vocals seemed a bit underpowered mainly because I kept expecting to hear Russel Allen, but nothing too bad. Highly enjoyable prog metal that could have benefited from just a tad more cheese in my opinion. 3.75

Irmelinis – I’m not sure if the term “traditional progressive metal” exists, but if it does, that’s exactly what Chronos Zero sounds like. The only slight deviation from that norm is the loud bass (very nice). Everything is in place, the songwriting is good, and guitars are classic, there’s keyboard solos in abundance; many times very Symphony X-ish, but nothing wrong with that! 4.0

ChristopherMammal – What an impressive debut! Although it’s thoroughly modern prog metal, it draws from the founding influences of the genre from decades past, with complex but extremely melodious compositions, finely calculated changes of time signature, and strategically creative deployment of the male and female vocals. And wow, there are some thunderously good riffs. Highly edible music. 4.2

A Metal State of Mind Score 3.6


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