Videos of the Week – Lacuna Coil Stuff…

???????????It seems like since the new year kicked in I have been on a helluva binge with a few bands…namely Pantera and Lacuna Coil…the latter being the subject of this week’s Videos of the Week.  I guess all I needed was a subtly planted seed and the binge was on and I can’t stop it.  I tapped into a conversation at one of my regular facebook forums calledI, Author of Despair and chimed in on a conversation about Lacuna Coil.  It mostly revolved around the fact that their older stuff was more appreciated than the new, but Dark Adrenaline was considered pretty good as well.  I went home and loaded up some Lacuna Coil on my iTouch and it has been my background music at work for the better part of a week.

Therefore, I would like to share some of the songs I like through the use of video.  If you are a Lacuna Coil follower is there a certain part of their discography you like best?  It seems like most people I know gravitate toward Comalies.  I like a little bit of everything equally.  Here are some that always stuck out for me.


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