Album Review: Eternal Helcaraxe – Against All Odds

EternalHelcaraxeLabel: Abyss Records

Release Date:  April 27th, 2012

Songs:  8

Length: 50 minutes

Genre:  Black metal/folk

Studio Albums:  This is their debut full length

Location:  Cavan, Ireland


WarpRider – Though black metal isn’t my preferred sub-genre for metal, I do like how External Helcaraxe embeds a melodic harmony with a symphonic touch.  For me, it decreases the harshness a bit and offers me a way into this extreme style.  The vocals echo a bit, but it was probably intentional. 2.5

Atleastimhousebroken – Pretty good black metal album that truly surprised me in some spots.  At times during a song I was thinking ‘this is well done but missing something’, and then not to long after Eternal Helcaraxe added a nice twist to the songs which helped pull them out from the standard black metal crowd.  Whether through some form of light symphonics or well used clean vocals, the record kept me engaged to see how they would navigate the turns in the next song.  Unfortunately, at a couple points some of the mood changes ended up being a tad jarring, but never enough to completely derail me from the song.  A tad bit of song length editing and smoothing of transitions would have worked wonders for this album.  Anywho, if you’re looking for some solid black metal with some unique twist and approaches, you can do a whole lot worse than Eternal Helcaraxe.  3.5

Eternal-Helcaraxe-e1337780530396Irmelinis – This was released last year, but was sent to us just recently. I thought it was good enough to deserve a review. This album is filled with dramatic music that is telling heartfelt stories about struggle, fighting and freedom through powerful, driving drums, haunting keyboards and pumping melodies. It’s dynamic, interesting and majestic. 3.5

ChristopherMammal – Sweet. Lyrical. Emotional. Evocative. This folk black metal doesn’t summon up any images of hooligans misbehaving in Norway. Instead it calls up images of Hobbits plodding across the frozen wastes of the Helcaraxë and wondering, as I’ve been doing, if they will ever be able to remember the name. No worries, it’s now in iTunes and I can find it easily, which I’m likely to do quite often. Black metal is really well-suited to mythical themes. 3.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3,25 out of 5

Stream two of their tracks:





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