Song(s) of the Week: Metallica in Lights

Whatever your faith and however deep it may be, we hope all of you have a wonderful, peaceful day full of love and cool music. For Christmas we have a medley of songs set to a video by Slayerbob, an American sound and lighting engineer who sets up displays like this all over the place. That must be a fun job!

This is music with a video but it couldn’t be Video of the Week on Friday because Friday won’t be Christmas Day and our videos usually feature the bands themselves in person, not just the electricity. So, enjoy the light show set to some classic Metallica. We suspect most of you will be listening to music something like this today while other people are singing “Deck The Halls,” etc.


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  1. A little off topic, but heard Lars Ulrich on Radio 6 Music yesterday talking to Matt Everitt about his life in music; you can listen here:
    I was working yesterday so this was a pleasant distraction 😉 A belated Merry Xmas, o fearless guardians of the Metal State…

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