Devin Townsend’s Top 5 Albums Of 2013

Devin Townsend is a member of the stratospheric, charismatic elite in metal who are masters of originality, composition, performance, team-building and production management. The biggest names in metal jump at the chance to take part in Townsend’s projects.

He is also one of the zaniest people in modern music. A consistent element of his work is humour, often directed at himself.

Before we get down to his remarkably varied choice of albums for this year, let’s hear something suitable eclectic from the Devin Townsend Project. This song, Lucky Animals, is from the 2012 album Epicloud.

1. Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Mr. Townsend must be a deeply introspective man when he’s not blowing audiences away on stage or with his recordings. I think the best way to describe the style of Jon Hopkins is dark ambient prog. Song from the album: Immunity.

2. Mutation – Error 500

Holy moley, now I need this one, which is new to me. It’s an extraordinary metal adventure by members of The Wildhearts, Napalm Death and The Cardiacs. Song from the album: Son Of White Leg.

3. Moderat – II

And another complete change in style. This is techno, although not as frenetic as some contemporary dance music. Song from the album: Bad Kingdom.

4. Shining – One One One

Change gear again. This time, shift into jazz metal. Here’s another band that’s new to me and I’d like to know a lot better. Thanks, Maestro Devin. Song from the album: I Won’t Forget.

5. Morgan Agren – Batterie Deluxe

Morgan Agren has much in common with Devin Townsend. He is always open to new influences, planning new projects and experimenting with new musical styles and techniques. Proggers should know him as the drummer for the giant Swedish neo-prog band, Kaipa. In the absence of a high-quality song video, here’s the preview of the album.



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