Game Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts

call-of-duty-ghosts-xbox-360-game-medium_507869ef5b4d6e3d60f16bf3411472bdJust in-time for your preferred end-of-year holiday festivities, the makers of Call of Duty released its 10th installment in the series, Call of Duty:  Ghosts, the sixth with Infinity Ward.  Instead of continuing on with the Modern Warfare or Black Ops games, Ghosts introduces a less complicated story line which is nice considering the myriad of plot twists, locations, and playable characters from other games.  You still get some of that with Ghosts, but it’s far less complicated to follow.  As you would expect, the 2013 version has much of the same mechanics and same terror-infused storyline, but there are some new tweaks.

One of the things that took me a bit by surprised was the action that takes place in space.  I have to say, that was pretty cool.  Another one is controlling a German Sheppard to take people down via dog attack.  The story itself is centered on mainly one character and a weapon system called ODIN (Orbital Defense Initiative) which is floating in orbit, hence the playable level in space.  In short, ODIN, hijacked by the Federation, destroys some American cities; there is war, intrigue, and revenge.  After the attack, the game takes place about 10 years later when the Ghosts come into the picture…you know, military guys that exist that no one knows exists.  Other than that, I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t played it yet.

imagesOf course the storyline is a nice addition, but people buy this game for the multiplayer.  Sometimes I feel I am an outlier that wants to play the story before playing online.  The story is a bit longer than most other CoD games I have played chiming in between 6-8 hours of play.  For multiplayer, the developers added some new features and tweaks.  The game play technicalities are the same as always, so there is no learning curve, but the maps are a bit bigger overall; something I actually do NOT like and I found was a turn off for playing Battlefield – bigger is not necessarily better, right?  I don’t want to spend precious minutes running around looking for enemies.  I prefer small maps to make it easy and quicker to get around – makes for faster game play action.  One of the other new features is a streak reward that enables ODIN which basically destroys the map.  The opposing players die and re-spawn in a whole new (destroyed) environment.  In other maps, parts of the physical structures can be damaged which alters the map.

Overall, there are some improvements to a franchise some might say is beyond watered down.  But, when millions of people play these games online it’s probably a series that will be in business for a very long time.  With Xbox One now upon us, I am sure future releases will be even bigger.  Nevertheless, Ghosts shows some improvement especially with multiplayer and the storyline was more interesting.

Pros:  A more streamlined story; additional multiplayer games; additional game play (storyline) features – dog and space level; a little more story mode game time

Cons:  (some) large multiplayer maps can be boring and promote excessive camping; tired terrorism story.  Conventional warfare would be nice.


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