Mini Reviews: Shrapnel Storm, Hellscream, The Darkstar, Beyond The Oblivion

SHRAPNEL STORM - We Come in Peace... cover art 425wThe good thing about Shrapnel Storm is that they concoct a groovy death metal brew of brutality, but the unfortunate thing is there are only two songs on this way-too-short promo.  Despite this unfortunate conundrum, the two songs donning the We Come In Peace… is packed with enough energy between the two songs that a spot on the radar of bands to watch for is now cemented.  The Finnish death metal band, at the moment, is giving us a taste of what is to come.  Recording for a full-length album will commence in April 2014 with a release date yet to be set.  For now, this is what they have to offer and I, for one, look forward to the full-length album in 2014.

cd2a.aiHellscream features a dynamic vocalist that caught my attention during the opening self-titled track.  He has style equal to that of Stu Block of Iced Earth.  Since the music has a similar vibe, Stu is the best comparison for those with similar signing styles.  Made Immortal is their independent debut album and is loaded with high-speed double bass drumming, tight riffing, and Halford-like screams.  Overall, Hellscream has a heavy/trashy/power metal high-octane vibe that is entertaining and uplifting at the same time.  I think the power metal part has that effect on me.

front coverThe Darkstar is a Greek metal band that portrays a bit of a gloomy feel that reminds me of some songs off Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals album.  The gritty vocal style is a bit different, but the gloomy feel of that album is present especially on the track Black is not a Color.  I also hear a bit of Deftones influence without the whispery vocal style.  Our Darkest Secrets is their latest album released in July 2013 via Trailblazer Records.  The 10 songs cover a wide range of sounds aside from the aforementioned influences.  Mostly, they avert consistently gloomy style for a more hard-hitting approach on This is Not Love, Name Your Poison, and The Prestige which gives the album balance.  Overall, a strong collection of gloomy, borderline stoner, hard rock.

602020_538830046184419_125538249_nBeyond the Oblivion is another brutal band, but this one focuses more on the technical aspect of songwriting and composition.  It’s more progressive.  Having said that, I think this rounds out a set of mini reviews quite nicely.  Shades of Grey is the name of their EPK and boasts seven songs of varying levels of intensity I find enjoyable and holds my interest.  Shades of Grey is a strong effort from the Adelaide, Australia natives that I hope elevates them to new and exciting levels.


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