Album Review: Kill Devil Hill – Revolution Rise

KDHRevRiseKill Devil Hill hit the scene in 2011 and already released their second album, Revolution Rise.  I have to give the guys props for two reasons; first, they appear to be a hard-working band having released two albums in two years.  Second, they are still the same four dudes playing music they want to play which is a style that doesn’t rely on overly aggressive tempos.  Not that there is anything wrong with aggression, it’s nice to take a break and Kill Devil Hill is perfect for that.  Metal needs bands like Kill Devil Hill to contrast aggression and they do a fine job.   They are musicians from eclectic backgrounds, but together they create heavy metal music that is far-removed from an in-your-face style laced with grit and angst.  Revolution Rise is a strong sophomore effort from the quartet and is a nice addition among my collection of (mostly) brutal music.

This time they have composed 13 songs including an acoustic version of Long Way From Home which is one of the album (kind of) ballads.  Overall, the album is 64 minutes of creative and intelligible music; something I like to call beer drinking metal…just sit back, turn it up, and have a tall cold one.  But, seriously, coming off of a successful debut album last year, the guys have refined their sound and continue to produce strong, quality songs.  Though there were a few “heavier” songs on the first album, Revolution Rise seems to have found a more subtle groove allowing the band to expand their sound and become a bit more distinguished.  The vocals are strong and the rest of the members have equal shares in making their presence known.  It can sometimes be a tossup with sophomore efforts (too much pressure maybe), but Kill Devil Hill has certainly cemented their brand as one that will be around quite a while and not shoveling shit down our throats either.

Release Date:  29 Oct 2013

Record Label:  Century Media

Nationality:  Anything brewed with hops and barley

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    • Well, I would have had to drink plenty of beers to know what would be the best music to listen to (hence, Kill Devil Hill) while drinking beers. As with age though…these things slow down 😉 All good things in moderation. Have a great day!

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