Album Review: Weekend Nachos – Still

StillIf you know me, then you know I am a nit-picker for appropriate band names.  If it were not for the hype around the World Wide Web concerning a highly aggressive hardcore band called Weekend Nachos, I never would have thought to look into them.  It’s not like judging a book by its cover because I don’t judge the name Weekend Nachos; it just doesn‘t sound like a metal band.  Therefore, they might slip by me undetected unless pointed out to me.  Well, they were pointed out to me…thankfully.  Actually, Weekend Nachos really is a great band name.  When I think of (literally) weekend nachos I think of being drunk after a night out and eating nachos at whatever is the only open-for-business at 3am restaurant in town…usually Denny’s.  Perhaps their moniker has something to do with the fact they declare on their facebook page their affection for Taco Bell and White Castle.  Setting aside a cool non-metal band name, Weekend Nachos certainly has something to offer…a kick in whatever body region might hurt you!

he album is quite short chiming in at just over 22 minutes.  I’ve sat on a toilet longer than that.  Believe it or not this includes 12 actual songs, but they are all carefully crafted to crush you.  At that point length matters not (we men have all been told).  It should be about quality and Weekend Nachos brings it to the table.  That’s the point with hardcore isn’t it; to be short and to the point?  There is no compromise on this album and despite its brevity you’ll still end up with a case of vertigo when it’s over.  The Chicago-based band tightens the vice early on and does not let up as hardcore music shouldn’t.  From beginning to end, Still (that’s the name of the album) is a blitz of quick riffs, gritty vocals, a bit of harmony for taste, and sheer speed.  What more could you ask for?  The album is out now.  Check with your local butcher for more details.

Release date:  11 Nov 2013

Record label:  Relapse Records

Nationality:  United States


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