Jungle Rot’s James Genenz Shares His Top 15 of the Year

26510_artistJungle Rot has been on the scene since 1994 and despite having gone through numerous band members, the Wisconsin death metal act has remained steady in the album output department.  They have seven albums under their belt along with a few demos and EPs and show no signs of slowing down.  In 2011 they signed with Victory Records and released Kill on Command and Terror Regime; if interested you can read my thoughts on the latter of those albums here.  Recently, bassist James Genenz was kind enough to share his Top 15 albums of 2013 with A Metal State of Mind and we would love to share it with you.  But, before we hit up his list here is a quick video of the band in action which, of course, might explain some of his hard-hitting album choices.  Enjoy!

15.  Ulcerate “Vermis”

 14.  Exhumed “Necrocracy”


 13.  Voivod “Target Earth”


 12.  Gruesome Stuff Relish “Sempiternal Death Grind”


 11.  Lantern “Below”


 10.  Nails “Abandon All Life”


 9.  Toxic Holocaust “Chemistry Of Consciousness”

 8.  Locrian “Return To Annihilation”


 7.  Suffocation “Pinnacle Of Bedlam”

 6.  Grave Miasma “Odori Sepulcrorum” 


 5.  Tim Hecker “Virgins”


 4.  Portal “Vexovoid”


 3.  Weekend Nachos “Still”


 2.  Autopsy “The Headless Ritual” 


 1.  Gnaw Their Tongues “Sulfur”


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  1. I love reading everyone’s best of the year-lists 😀
    Only know five of these, so now I have lots to check out. I really enjoy that Portal album, Ulcerate and Locrian are great too. Thanks James!

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