EP Review: Insomnium – Ephemeral

downloadI am a little late to the Insomnium game.  My first taste was during the release of One For Sorrow and as a result of that album, they cemented themselves as a band of interest in my life.  I then went back one album and enjoyed that too.  I still have others on my list of albums to buy and will get to them soon I hope.  I also had a cool opportunity to meet them and see them live a couple of years ago.  Needless to say, when a new EP presented itself to me (or the world I should say), two things went through my mind.  First, where the hell did this come from and second, why just an EP?  I can’t say I am complaining, but I am a little bit because I was looking forward to a full-length release.  However, if there is one thing I learned in my life is patience and I am sure the full-length studio album will follow.  Based on my minimal research, there will be an album in 2014.  So, we wait, but for now we can enjoy four new tracks; three of which are instrumental.

I guess I was a little behind in my Insomnium news as I learned that a new guitarist Markus Vanhala is featured on the title EP track Ephemeral.  I am not sure how this affects fans of Omnium Gatherum, his former band, but he is now making an impact in Insomnium.  The new song stood out rather quickly as I could hear the vocals a bit louder and the song seemed a bit more aggressive versus a more doomy, melancholy approach that initially attracted me to One For Sorrow.  The new song is a worthy incentive to be patient for the 2014 release.  It is loaded with signature Insomnium sounds, but just a bit more kick to it.  The instrumental tracks are all on the darker, moody side.  If you heard Decoherence off of their last album, these three songs fit that vibe.  Overall, a nice little 12-minute package hold me (us) over until release date.

Release Date:  19 Nov 2013

Record Label:  Century Media

Nationality:  Finland


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