Mini Reviews – Man Must Die, Big Guns, Avelion, Neurotic November

626570625575I am not sure what to call Man Must Die; perhaps death metal or grindcore might be a good fit, but labels don’t really mean much.  What I should say is that the 10 songs on their new album Peace Was Never An Option are nothing less than guttural, brutal, bone-crunching, with a flair for melody.  The Scottish quartet stitches together some brutal elements that remind me a little bit of Napalm Death with the vocal style and tempo changes.  The big difference from a constant barrage of brutality is that they do find room for well-composed guitar melodies and short solos.  They aren’t thrown in there like some metalcore bands do it…faced and out-of-place.  Man Must Die does a great job of transitioning from harsh to heavenly when it comes to infusing melody with an otherwise devilish pace.  Their overall feel transitions from a more standard death metal formula and touches upon grindcore and thrashy elements a little bit for a fairly brutal concoction of enjoyable metal.  Their album was released on Lifeforce records and is out now worldwide.

Big Guns - Down But Not OutIf you are an artifact that lived in the 80s like me and you enjoyed the simplistic nature of some of the music back then i.e. sex, drugs, rock and roll (style) combined with catchy riffs, then I have a band for you.  Down But Not Out is the latest album from Big Guns, the Irish quartet that is keeping the thrill of the 80s alive complete with loud guitars and a style that draws from influential bands such as AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Thin Lizzy.  Basically, it’s a fist-in-the-air sing along experience that should resurrect your nostalgia for the 80s vibe assuming you were alive and using Aqua Net back then.  Their album is relatively short, but entertaining to say the least and includes a cover of Rockin’ in the Free World originally recorded by Neil Young.  Pretty cool stuff; certainly improves my mood in the office.  Down But Not Out was released 29 Nov 2013.

artworks-000056789339-p7ob9q-t500x500Milan, Italy-based band Avelion released an EP called Liquid breathing.  The three tracks encompass just over 12-mintues of a variety of tempos and sounds.  They incorporate electronic elements and combine them with crunchy, djenty, and progressive sounds.  Though the vocal style is mostly at a normal octave, they do drop to a hellish growl from time to time.   The depth of the album keeps me guessing which is a good thing.  At certain moments, I feel like I could be in a dance club and others I feel I should be in a pit while other times I want to hold up my cell phone…like we used to do with lighters before cell phones existed.  Avelion does a nice job of combining these contrasting elements into a harmonious blend.  Their EP was released in October 2013.

VR700Neurotic November is a metalcore outfit from Florida, USA.  Though it’s hard for me to digest metalcore from time to time, one of the things that kept me interested in exploring Neurotic November was the consistency with the harsh, growly lyrics.  Just when I thought I would hear clean vocals in order to balance the chaos it never happened, thankfully.  Instead a few songs featured a rapping (see Nonchalant video below) style which I never expected, but it worked and I found myself wanting to hear those songs again because they had a cool vibe.  Some of the standout songs that were a bit more thrash and stuck out to me were Check Mate and The Betrayer.  Their album, Anunnaki, is out now via Victory Records.


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