Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol 2

ffdp-vol-2It’s time for the second edition of The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol 2; Five Finger Death Punch’s second album of 2013.  As you may have read here, my impression of Vol 1 wasn’t exactly that stellar, but I found some redeeming qualities in some of the songs.  I like their groove and level of angst they put into their riffing, but find myself lost on their lyrical content.  It’s strange because usually lyrics are the least important thing to me, but I guess when they are so childish they throw me off preventing me from focusing on everything else I love about metal.  Let’s face it, I am far from being a teenager and to me this is the audience they are appealing to.  I am just not that angst-ridden anymore.  I need more substance in my songs for those situations where lyrical content somehow strikes me.  Just like they articulate in track #2, Weight Beneath My Sin

…It’s the same old fucking story, the same old fucking lies, the same old fucking ending…

It seems to me like Five Finger Death Punch’s songs can be summed by a few short phrases such as fuck you, fuck him, fuck her, fuck this, fuck that, fuck them, fuck me, and fuck you.   Like I said, lyrics tend to not be that important to me, but when I am blasted with immature content, it tends to stick out.  For the second time this year, I am lost on their lyrics. The lead off track Here to Die, musically, started off the album promising with its near War is the Answer cadence and aggression.  The chorus was a standard melodic 5FDP formula, but overall it led me to believe Vol 2 was going to be heavier of the double set.  I was wrong; it’s more of the same.

Perhaps the biggest redeeming track of the album is the cover of House of the Rising Sun.  I never had a problem with 5FDP covers, I think they do them well and this one is another cool cover for the catalog. However, Vol 2 is basically a continuation of Vol 1.  Why I expected something different I am not sure, but the one factor that throws me off is the consistency in immature lyrics.  Musically, I like the ballad Battle Born, the melodic toned-down Cradle to the Grave, and orchestra-infused song Cold.  The latter of the three is quite different from everything I heard 5FDP record; I actually dig it.  Setting lyrical content aside, there are a few more songs on Vol 2 that I prefer more than those on Vol 1, but that’s not really saying a whole lot.  Overall, the package deal of a double album is a lot of songs that mirror each other musically and lyrically.

Release date:  19 Nov 2013

Record Label:  Prospect Park

Nationality:  United States

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  1. Haven’t picked up Vol. 2 yet (Got into FFDP around the time of the first record, so they’ve got a special place in my heart), but I definitely agree with your sentiments about Vol. 1. Sometimes some angst and rage can be fun, but I always find myself returning to much more interesting (or at least more cleverly presented) subject matter when it comes to lyrical content. Well written review!

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