EP Review: Ghost – If You Have Ghost

download (1)My level of excitement concerning all things Ghost elevated when I heard they were releasing an EP of covers.  That’s all I needed to know to make the day-of-release purchase.  Though I am overall pretty happy with the output, if there is one thing wrong about the If You Have Ghost EP; it’s unfortunately short.  Yes, it meets the criteria of an EP, but to me that just means “a few songs” to feast on.  The problem is that two of the five songs are ones we heard already.   First, as much as I enjoyed Infestissumam, I thought Secular Haze was one of, if not, the weakest songs on the album.  So, throwing a live version of it on an EP was nothing but filler even though it was a decent recording.  Then, to add salt to the wound they including I Am A Marionette…another one already included on the Infestissumam deluxe edition.

The other three songs do make the EP worth it.  It’s not like it is expensive, but those three songs make the effort worthwhile.  If You Have Ghosts was originally recorded by Roky Erickson.  It is probably the catchiest “poppy” song of the new cluster of covers.  I never heard the original until I looked it up for this review, but Ghosts version does sound like something Ghost would do.  Crucified is one that I heard in the early 90s (I remember the silly video too), but it’s pretty much a dance song and never made any kind of rotation in my music library.  Ghost took it and gave it a devilish twist while keeping the chorus recognizable.  The talking sections with the rolling “R” give the song a more ghastly impression.  The last of the new covers is probably the weaker of the three new covers, but still enjoyable for what it is.  I never heard the Depeche Mode’s original recording of Waiting For The Night, but Ghost’s version comes off more like a ballad.

Overall, for $5 it’s worthy collection of songs to add to your Ghost library.  Other than including a song most of us already heard, it is nice to hear a live track this time although I wished it would have been another song besides Secular Haze. The recording is ok; a bit raw, but I am not much of a fan of live recordings on CD anyway.  Put it a whole concert on DVD and I will snatch it up quickly.  For now, this is a nice hold over until a new album hits stores.

Release Date:  19 Nov 2013

Record Label:  Universal Public Records

Nationality:  Sweden


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  1. Ghost are cool! Radio 6 Music’s Stuart Maconie is a fan and he played the Erikson cover a couple weeks back – shows the band in quite a different light. Like it, though. The only original I’m familiar with is the Depeche Mode one – Iike them a lot and Violator is one of their best albums imo: a million miles from metal but some nice dark atmospherics which I can imagine some lovers of goth/doom style music liking. Ghost’s cover is great.

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