Album Review: Sepultura – The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart

image0021-300x300The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart is the lengthy title of Sepultura’s 13th studio album.  They have added yet, another new band member to the mix – drummer Eloy Casagrande who was able to add to the actual writing and recording process.  The album was also produced by Ross Robinson who previously produced the very tribal-sounding Roots album; one that I am very fond of.  So, before I even had a chance to listen to the album I had a couple of reasons to be optimistic that Sepultura would be fresh and brutal as they continue to churn out albums.

It started off in a quite pleasing fashion, one that was laced with a fresh level of brutality with some classic tribal elements embedded in there if you listen close enough.  The first four tracks carry the album off to a promising start.  I like the middle section of the fourth track, Manipulation of Tragedy.  It has a great build up and thrashy cadence in the beginning.  During the middle to latter part, an aggressive rhythm is accompanied with bongos (or it sounds like bongos) giving it a bit of a tribal, but headbanging feel.

Unfortunately, the album loses a bit of luster after a fairly strong beginning.  Though the beats still hit hard and the aggression is there it just falls a bit flat and fails to regain the steam the album started off with.  Bliss of Ignorance shined in the middle section of the album and Obsessed was thoroughly brutal and also features Dave Lombardo on drums.

Overall the album stalls, but when you look at the history of Sepultura in recent years, The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart is a strong collection of songs in  package of about 47 minutes of music.  If you have been disappointed since the departure of Max oh so long ago, this album might open that door for you a bit.  And, if you happen to catch the one with bonus tracks there is a cover of Death’s Zombie Ritual. I haven’t heard it yet, but I need to.

Release date:  29 Oct 2013

Record Label:  Nuclear Blast

Nationality:  Varied


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  1. I’m enjoying the single. I was never a big fan so I guess I never got too cut up over the Cavalera split the way some folks did and on the occasion I check in with the band I just enjoy it for what it is. I picked up the A-Lex album a couple years back in a second-hand store for a quid and quite enjoyed that. Patchy, but definitely some good songs. Not quite up there with there with Refuse/Resist, mind (didn’t you guys pick that as song of the week awhile back? Good call…)

    • Actually, amend that comment, I cued up A-Lex right after I wrote that and I retract ‘patchy’ – really enjoying it. It’s great when you’re inspired to dig out an album you’ve not heard for a while and hear it with new ears. Thanks for that 😉

      • Interesting, I never listened to A-lex. You make me want to check it out and I think I will as soon as I can. 😉

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