Album Review: White Moth Black Butterfly – One Thousand Wings



This is the stuff dreams are made of.


Release Date: November 11, 2013  self-released

Tracks:  11          Length: 48 minutes

Genre:  Cinematic, ambient post-rock/experimental

Recommended for fans of:  Sigur Rós, Enigma, Massive Attack, Olafur Arnalds, Daniel Tompkins


Description: Let me present to you the solo-project of the progressive metal band Skyharbor’s vocalist Daniel Tompkins. I know this album isn’t metal; but I also know that metalheads do enjoy listening to other styles every now and then, believe it or not! White Moth Black Butterfly means dark, fascinating and introspective music created by a man with a very powerful and unique voice. And that is not an overstatement. He’s got the feels, the (huge) range, the charisma and a thing for beautiful and heartfelt music based on all the different projects he’s been a part of so far during his career (TesseracT, Absent Hearts, In Colour, Haji’s Kitchen, piano, just to mention a few…).

Dan TompkinsThe songs on ‘One Thousand Wings‘ are very much about the chill-inducing atmosphere in the music and the gentle sorrowfulness in the vocals and lyrics. There’s a troubled feeling in Dan’s voice, accompanied by dark undertones in the instrumentation, which makes the whole album seem very serious and down-to-earth. And I really like that. It’s not a very cohesive collection of tracks; they go through many styles and moods, but they are all well written and highly enjoyable songs. From the first one called ‘Reluctance’, which is foreboding and hypnotic with a heavy Tool-influence, to ‘Ties Of Grace’, the most breathtaking and ethereal tune with a beautiful build-up and soothing guitars (a remake of the Icelandic instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds’ song Only The Winds). The wonderful, dreamy ‘Rose’ is one of my favourites and here Dan really shines, with only a mellow, classical piano melody backing up his incredible singing voice. Another gems is ‘Midnight Rivers’, a slow song with acoustic guitars and a slight folk-y feel to it.

Other musicians contributing on White Moth Black Butterfly’s record are Acle Kahney, the guitarist and producer from TesseracT and Keshav Dhar, guitarist in Skyharbor. With guest appearances from Hayley Martin (vocalist in Shadowboxer) Jordan Bethany (singer/songwriter) and Kevin Albis.

Strong points: Easy-listening with amazing, powerful vocals and beautiful, dynamic atmospheres, good variation, interesting lyrics.

Recommended songs:  Ties of Grace, Rose, Certainty, Midnight Rivers

Sublime and emotive; ‘One Thousand Wings’ is fantastic. It’s also the perfect album for dark, cold winter nights, so why not pick it up as a Christmas gift for your partner, or your parents. Or the whole family. I know I’m going to.


Digital versions are available for pre-order on Bandcamp and iTunes. Physical albums will also be available for purchase on Bandcamp after November 11th.


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