Album Review: Oceanborn – Hidden From The World

avatars-000054421224-wu209z-t200x200One of the many things I like about progressive metal is that, as a listener, the bombardment of so many musical influences is greatly appealing. In other words, it doesn’t get boring.  If done properly, the transitions of the influential styles in progressive metal are seamless.  Every musical note is stitched together as such that any nonconformity appears as if it were calculated.  Oceanborn is a Chicago-based progressive metal band trying to make their mark in the music world.  Based on the aforementioned bombardment of musical influences, they are well on their way to making a permanent mark.  I had a chance to sample their new album Hidden From The World which made me think about a lot of things…progressive metal often does that for me.  So, that’s a good start.  First, let it be known that I am not ADD, but if I don’t like the music I move on without hesitation.  Hidden From The World held my attention from start to finish.  Why, you ask?  Because they adhered to the basic guidelines that make progressive metal interesting…the transitions are seamless and Oceanborn personifies their many influences.

The opening intro, Silence, is a good example of the vibrant sounds on the album.  It’s a strong build-up before the more melodic Still With You begins the album on a calming note complete with an accompaniment of strings and piano.  I thought it was an interesting start to an album whereas many bands put forth their heaviest or most energetic songs. Hidden From The World is a dynamic album that boasts a wide range of progressive elements including a jazz infusion that gives the album great balance especially for an album that just falls short of an hour.  Overall, a very strong start out the gate for Oceanborn.

For fans of:  Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Fates Warning

Release Date:  September 2013

Record Label: Self-Released

Nationality:  United States (Illinois)

Stream Link:


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