Mini Reviews – Almah, Red Fang, Tungsten, Crowdburn


Unfold_coverChecking out Almah first thing on a Monday morning proved to be beneficial.  It’s perfect for the gloomy start in my part of the world.  Unfold is their forthcoming 64-minute opus that embodies an intricate pattern of Dream Theater-like progressive elements and combines them with the more uplifting components of power metal.  Almah maintains a delicate balance the keeps the band from bathing in cheese.  The 12 tracks possess a wide variety of rhythm and groove that emanates numerous influences noticeable to me such as Extreme, Dream Theater, Fair Warning, and Helloween.  For a 64-minute album, Unfold is a quality composition that can lift the state of mind on any day of the week.  Yet, it still has the necessary hard-rocking, riff-tastic elements I can tap my foot to, especially with the opening song In My Sleep.  Overall, I enjoyed the album’s rhythmic balance between power and progressive elements.

Red Fang

whalesandleeches_1500The surge of stoner/sludge metal has been quite prominent in metal.  Then again, I might have missed the boat long ago and I am only now coming on board.  Maybe it’s more of the stoner popularity has surged.  Anyway, all I need is a beard and I will be good to go.  Red Fang’s latest album Whales and Leeches concludes at about 42 minutes.  During that out pour of classic stoner rock is a blend of hard elements meshed with a vibe reminiscent of anything from the 1970s you probably would not hear on the radio. The album kicks off with an upbeat tempo and really doesn’t let up much from there.  Whales and Leeches is definitely a foot-tapping-tapping, beer-drinking experience that can only lead to good times when accompanied with a favorite beverage and a designated driver.  The album is out now on Relapse Records.


The Reservoir - CoverTungsten is not only a heavy metal forged as such to make my wedding band, but also a (musical) band set to release their debut album, The Reservoir, in Jan 2014.  The Philly-based band emanates 1980s style progressive fundamentals commonly seen with bands like Fates Warning and Queensrÿche.  The female vocal style of Titi Musick trade-off from pretty to gritty; a powerful combo that gives the songs a bit more emotion between lighter and heavier tempos.  Actually, I am thinking she would be able to do a bad-ass Pat Benatar cover.  The Reservoir may only have 8 songs, but boasts just under an hour of solid music.  With that, there are plenty of tempo changes and melodic guitar solos for those that bore easily.


downloadFrom Sweden this melodic metal band comes.  Ignition is their new album which is a relatively short 40-ish minutes, but boasts an array of both heaviness and harmony.  In a lot of ways, they remind of a band like Killswitch Engage where hard elements are broken up with melodic (clean vocal) choruses.  Though, I like their extended use of melody and guitar solos…it’s a weak spot for me.  Ignition is an enjoyable album of mostly up-tempo beats (Pictures), a little bit of angst (Fire in the Hole), and an infectious groove (Stars) …not to be confused with the band of the same name.  Overall, Ignition a strong effort from the Swedish quintet and it’s out now!


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