Tales From Bandcamp: Soma by Windhand

a0521233887_10Last year I got introduced to Windhand by way of a review over on my favorite metal site, Angry Metal Guy.  Their self-titled debut got a nice write-up, so I went ahead and checked it out and enjoyed it quite a bit.  But, like a lot of music that deluges through my ears these past few years, it takes something really, really special to stick hard and garner more spins from me outside of the occasional playback and initial handful of spins.  Windhand’s debut, while a very solid record, just didn’t hit me hard enough and the band kind of floated to the nether-realms of my music library.

Lucky for me, Relapse’s PR was cool enough to hook us up with a promo copy of their new album, Soma, and I harkened back to remembering that their debut was solid but lacking that punch.  I dove right into it hoping to see if this very talented band was able to add that punch to their music that would make it more than a good album that I would eventually forget about.  And, lo and behold, by George, they did it!  That punch, and more so uniqueness is so much more pronounced on their new record and I’ve found it sneaking in between my holy trinity of 2013 albums I’ve been listening to beyond obsessively (The Ocean, Revocation, and Glorior Belli).

The best way I can describe the style and sound on Soma is it’s either like Sunn O))) on amphetamines or St. Vitus on Quaalude; both with an ethereal and bluesy female vocalist.  Each track will doom your mind way into a hazy trance while at the same time delivering memorable melodies and grooves.  Heavy and atmospheric doom that doesn’t feel cliché’ nor does the methodically slow pace leave one bored.

Check out the record and then let us know what you think.  If you dig on it, buy a copy for yourself, or at least share the shit out of it with your metal loving friends.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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  1. literally have been listening to windhand non-stop for the past week. it’s just so great. so so great.

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