Songs That Define My Taste In Music #10 & #9 (Mik)


This was indeed a difficult, but interesting challenge. Exactly what I like and look for in music, and mainly in metal, is something I’ve never thought about to a great extent before. And I wouldn’t say it’s important to know either, it’s just a way to get to know myself better (and a good excuse for making another list). It goes a bit deeper and is more specific than just saying “I like <insert genre here>”. These components I’m describing apply to any style of music I listen to.

#10 The mysterious, nature-bound aspect.

I have a weak spot for art related to nature, fantasy, old cultures and foreign languages. It gives a mysterious aura and feeling to the music, adds an extra dimension to the listening experience, which for me makes it more interesting and captivating. The fantasy-theme in particular has a lot to do with using art as escapism for me. The nature-bound aspect is one of the reasons I’m into bands like Moonsorrow, Sigur Rós, Bathory, Primordial, Negura Bunget, Finntroll and Gojira.

Sólstafir – Djákninn


#9 The cathartic factor

Quite often I need extreme music that makes me feel more crazy and less normal. Songs that are extremely intense and demanding to listen to, music that will go berserk in my mind with full force, wipe out everything and leave nothing but a liberating feeling of emptiness and insanity. If I’m stressed out or pissed off about something (or if I’ve listened to too much melodic music), lots of Anaal Nathrakh, The Amenta, Altar of Plagues, Author & Punisher and other grindcore, industrial and black metal bands are a necessity in my playlist.

Anaal Nathrakh –You can’t save me so stop fucking trying


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  1. Those two aspects are working for me too. Along with the nature-bond aspect I in general enjoy it when you see that the musicians are endeavor to give their work depths beyond the music itself, is it for thoughtfull lyrics, elaborate artwork and packaging. For some – not always logically – reason for most people depths equals nature. Has to be the way experiencing nature works on our mind. Maybe some biological remants:-)

    PS: After several weeks Borknagars The Archaic Course, which you listed in your Top 100, arrived (send from Brasil (!) via Amazon Marketplace). Outstanding great and epic music with vocals that are emotional in a way I like so much about Alan Nematheanga!

    • Yeah that Borknagar album is awesome, I’m glad you enjoy it! For me too, it’s much thanks to ICS Vortex, one of my favourite singers, he’s also doing main singing duties on Borknagar’s ‘Quintessence’, and some vocals on their latest ‘Urd’. He’s also released a solo album, and have done (mostly backing) vocals for Dimmu Borgir. If you didn’t know 😉

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