EP Review: Fathoms – Cold Youth


Release Date: 30 September 2013 on Ghost Music

Tracks:  4

Length: 14 minutes

Genre:  Melodic hardcore/metal

Previous releases: Transitions EP, 2012


Description:  Fathoms released a free EP last year that received quite a lot of praise and now their second effort is out. ‘Cold Youth’ is short but very much to the point; with songs that are carefully put together, a couple of catchy melodies and mostly gritty, harsh vocals. The music is sharp and heavy, with many groovy parts and lots of power. Instrumentally it’s technical and interesting, at least during the first half of the EP and some occasional “gang chanting” vocals are included.

The first song ‘Pride of Lions’ starts with a monologue about how you should pursue the things in life that you actually enjoy and not just settle for the easiest option or follow in old tracks.  I hope that is what Fathoms is doing when they released this EP; it’s difficult to make a name for yourself in a genre that is already flooded with new, aspiring bands, many of them sounding pretty much the same as the others. If you really enjoy what you do, that inspired feeling will shine through in your music. And I do think this band has exactly that. They are in their early twenties and have already been touring around Europe, UK and the US to make a reputation for themselves, which is impressive. It shows that they are motivated and passionate about their music.

Strong points: Nice melodies, good songwriting and production. Cool, fast drumming and hard hitting riffs.

Weak points: The last two songs have way too many breakdowns and not much variety in music or vocals, which gets boring.

Recommended songs: ‘Pride of Lions’ and ‘XIV’

Conclusion: This band has potential; they are clearly talented musicians and songwriters and it feels like they are still searching for their own sound. If they go in the direction of the first two tracks on this EP, then I’m sure Fathoms will be a band to look out for in the future.







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  1. Metalcore with an awfull guitar sound… just my opinion 😉 Nice artwork though

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