Mini Reviews: Assignment, Disfigured Dead, Kongh, The Lotus

AssignmentCoverBand:  Assignment

Album:  Inside of the Machine

Length:  67 Minutes

Release Date:  11 Oct 2013

Record Label:  Mausoleum Records

Nationality:  Germany

Style:  Progressive metal

67 minutes is a long time to show the world what you’re made of.  Assignment uses their time wisely by bringing us wide-ranging melodies, a hard edge, and the necessary odd time signatures that make progressive metal…progressive.  They also take things a step further with slight emphasis on symphonic elements bordering on power metal.  I do hear a lot of Dream Theater influence along with some of the harder edge from early Fates Warning.  One thing Assignment did differently compared to many other similar bands is they kept their songs down to shorter standard boasting 14 total songs, not the standard 8-10 songs one might find on a Dream Theater album, for example.  Overall, the album brings us a wide variety of sounds for us to absorb which keeps the album interesting from beginning to end.  It will take several listens to truly appreciate what Assignment put together because there is so much going on.

DISFIGURED DEAD  - Relentless cover art 425wBand:  Disfigured Dead

Album:  Relentless

Length:  47 Minutes

Release Date:  Out now

Record Label: Butchered Records

Nationality:  United States

Style:  Death metal

Death metal has blossomed into a metal sub genre that boasts its own sub-sub genres.  Disfigured Dead is of the more brutal style as opposed to melodic or groove-oriented death metal.  Think (classic) Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse.  Relentless is a punishing album that maintains a cadence of the most brutal elements.  Though some elements are purely pit-inducing, I will shy away from the term breakdowns because the elements fit together well in seamless transition.  This album isn’t just about blast-beats and looped riffs.  The vocals are purely hellish (unintelligible) and the riffs are nothing short of fierce and intermixed in all the chaos are rudiments of melody that provide a nice mixture of all things brutal.

ARCD118Band:  Kongh

Album:  Counting Heartbeats

Length: 132 Minutes

Release Date:  24 Sep 13

Record Label:  Agonia Records

Nationality:  Sweden

Style:  Doom

Counting Heartbeats is a two-disc set featuring five new tracks plus five demos.  Mainly, I want to focus on the original content as the other stuff is bonus and less important to me, but a nice addition for any fan.  The first thing that struck me as interesting was the length of the songs.  The first track, Pushed Beyond, is the shortest of of the new material chiming at 11:10.  Their concoction of doom is combined with a bit of southern sludge and a dose of deep back woods blackened death metal.  None of these particular styles over-dominate the other.  Though, from time to time the music turns into a slow doomy drone where patience is required – something I lack in my music.  I like it when songs get to the point.  Sometimes these atmospheric-doomy elements can last a few minutes.  See the clip below to see what I mean.  It takes nearly five minutes before any semblance of a structured song takes place and another (nearly) 2 minutes for vocals to kick in.  I had to give this album several listens before I decided if I liked it or not.  The end result is that I do and I appreciate their style.  Considering this is a hard genre for me to get into, Kongh had enough varying tempos and style changes to keep me interested, thus opening the door to doom a little bit wider.

downloadBand:  The Lotus

Album:  Tomorrow EP

Length:  20 Minutes

Release Date:  Out now

Record Label:  Self-released

Nationality:  Italy

Style:  Varied

The Lotus was the hardest for me to place into a specific genre.  There really isn’t any level of importance in doing that, but sometimes it helps other who might not know the band to be able to identify with them.  So, see the clip below and decide for yourself.  For the most part I say Hard Rock combined with some electronic elements.  Overall, the EP is quick and gives a taste of a few musical elements.  No More Chains is quite slow and haunting, but then turns quite heavy with some pretty solid riffing.  The vocals remind me a bit of Korn’s Jonathan Davis’s cleaner style.  Between all four songs on the album, The Lotus varies their style.  For example, Tomorrow is not a good example of what the rest of the songs sound like.  It sounds more like something Queen and Fates Warning would do.  No More Chains shows a grittier side of the band in certain parts of the song.  Listening to the entire EP is the only way to get a feel for the band’s style.


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  1. It seems like Assignement want to sound like Masterplan – their singer tries so much to sound like Jorn Lande. Not bad at all, you can hear the ambition. But it still sounds a bit second class, mostly because of the production and some missing subtleties.

    Disfigured Dead kind of bores me, there are sooooo much bands sounding like this…

    I actually have held the vinyl edition of the Kongh record in my hands and it was really nice. The music isn’t something I truly enjoy, it’s okay, I think I get what they want to achieve, but that’s it. I like the vocals though.

    Modern Pop Rock, I would suggest while watching/listening to the The Lotus-clip. Well….;-)

    Interesting compilation of bands

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