Song Of The Week: Kartikeya – Tunnels Of Naraka

845520_logoKartikeya is one of the bands I’m really looking forward to see live this weekend at the small, but very exciting, Euroblast Festival in Cologne, Germany. They are a Russian/Serbian/Canadian ethnic extreme metal band and are heavily influenced by hinduism, Indian culture and mythology as well as classical and folk music. I just recently found out about this band, but they have been around since 2004, and have two full-length albums and a couple of EP’s in their discography. Kartikeya’s technical style of metal with the unique eastern touch is very unusual; it’s heavy and bombastic, filled with riffs and unpredictable twists. This can easily become one of those songs you want to put on repeat for the rest of the day.

Tunnels Of Naraka‘ features the multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer David Maxim Micic (Destiny Potato) performing the kick ass guitar solo at the end.

Fun fact: Kartikeya is the name of the second son of Lord Shiva, he’s the embodiment of perfection, the leader of forces and a war god who was created to destroy the demons in the world (meaning the negative sides in human beings).



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  1. That is very cool! Harsh and ryhtmic with a cool break and a quite unique guitar solo (of this fretboard you can make two guitars, I guess;-)) – and a good sound as well. I will keep the name in mind.

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