Song of the Week: Slip Off the Edge of the Universe by Sahg

I know I should really categorize this under Video of the Week because it’s an official video, and a really neat one nonetheless.  However more than the video itself, I am completely loving the song.  As compared to Sahg’s previous output this tune has a more psychedelic/progressive rock approach to it instead of the usual stoner metal mayhem that has graced their previous 3 records.  There are many ways you could compare “Slip Off the Edge of the Universe” to Mastodon, but whatever, a great tune is a great tune.  They have their 4th album due to hit Oct. 28th and I’m curious to hear what kind of risks the band is taking.  Either which way, I’m sure it will end up kicking my stoner metal ass all over the place.  Enjoy the tune and let us know what you though!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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  1. I have the first Sahg record, which was a total Sabbath worship and quite good also it lost a bit with the time. They seem to have develope a more distinct sound – also Ozzy is there 😉 Sounds good!

    PS: The weekend before last I saw Royal Thunder in Cologne. It was even better than I hoped. Three passionate musicians – the drum kit in the middle of the stage – and devoted vocals of Mlny. Outstanding! In my opinion the topped Baroness, who were also great.Epic show!

    • I have a couple other Sahg records and while Sabbath worship, they’re always a good time.

      I went to the Royal Thunder/Baroness show last night and it was outstanding! Both bands were phenomenal and I got to hook up with Pete of Baroness for an interview. I’ll have the interview/show review (with lots of pics) up by Friday if you’re interested (maybe earlier, barring how much I end up working tomorrow).
      And ya, Mlny’s voice is just incredible live. That girl puts so much soul into her singing and the rest of the band, for being a trio, have so much power live. They were also really friendly too; Mlny is super laid-back and very pleasant.

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