Songs That Define My Taste In Music #2 & #1 (Reggie)

music-taste--large-msg-132724488296Talking to other metal admirers has certainly opened my ears to a world of music I barely knew existed.  I have to say, my library has expanded quite a bit over the years though meeting friends in blogs and social forums.  A recent conversation on a facebook forum called “I, Author of Despair” led me to do some soul searching on songs that define my taste in music, more specifically heavy metal.  When asked, I usually tell people I just like the aggressive nature of the music, but after thinking about it for a bit I realized there are so many other reasons that define my particular taste…reasons that opened the door to my favorite genres and opened further doors to new ones.   Those 10 reasons in no particular order are Speed, Cadence, and Flow; Rhythm and Groove; Guitars; Presentation and Appearance; Disposition; Artistic Impression; Technicality; Poignant Intelligible Lyrics; Storytelling; and Aggression.  Although some of the bands used to articulate the things that define my taste can cross over into multiple areas, I use them as good examples of why it defines my taste in music.

#2 – Storytelling

Another added bonus to good lyricists is the ability to tell a story.  It doesn’t necessarily have to comply with being poignant, but intelligible is nice.  Some bands take their songwriting to different levels.  Instead of just blasting obscenities at governments, girlfriends, and God, some artists like to tell new stories or retell stories already told.  Anthrax likes to tell stories of super heroes and comic book characters, stuff that’s already been written, but retold in a song – I Am The Law is one example.  Iron Maiden, the focus of this edition, is a great storytelling band even if they are just telling us about bringing your daughter to the slaughter or lonely runners.  There is almost always a sense of fantasy, history, or reality with their music.  When I first heard Iron Maiden it was Run To The Hills.  Even as a kid I knew what it was about because we learned about it in school.  Other than the damn fine music, the storytelling was one of the things that attracted me to Maiden’s music and other songs that tell a story.

Other bands that fit at least sometimes:  Anthrax, Slayer, The Sword, Cake, Clutch, Amon Amarth

#1 – Aggression

Well, when it comes to metal I think the overall aggressive nature of the music was the initial turn on. Not sexually, of course, but it was just music to my ears.  Nearly all of metal is or can be aggressive in many ways but when I say aggressive I mean those songs that make you want to pick up a chair and throw it or make you want to jump into the pit even though you never intended to.  It’s that plain and simple.

Other bands that fit:  Chimaira, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, and many more…


About Reggie

Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. What you wrote about Run to hills was really my experience too, when I first heard it as a teenager as the first song of a Maiden Best Of. This band really knows how to weave music and lyrics to perfect completion. Aces high is also a great example

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