EP Review: Brutai – Brutai


This should come with a warning-sticker that says “highly addictive music”.

A good friend of mine has been saying lots of positive things about the five tracks on this EP, and after a couple of spins I have to say he’s right. This is an impressive collection of groovy songs with a progressive and modern sound, which should appeal to fans of classic heavy metal just as much as it will to people that prefer newer styles. It’s slightly reminiscent of both Symphony X and Iced Earth, with heavy, hard-hitting music and melodic singing, but Brutai also mixes in elements of metalcore and progressive death metal, which gives a nice edgy feel to their songs.

The first track ‘Flood’ is groovy and intense with an ever changing structure. I like the unpredictable songwriting, how they go through many different styles and thanks to the incredibly smooth transitions in the songs it never becomes difficult to listen to. The third track ‘Sleepers’ is my favourite; it’s an odd mix of softer melodies and sounds, a catchy, dreamy chorus together with Iced Earth (Matt Barlow)-like vocals and instrumentation. After that comes ‘Straight Silver’, a great and strong piece of music; I love the beautiful, emotional guitar work in this one. The songs are all around 4-5 minutes long, but there are so many delicate details and every moment provides such a rich sound that the album seems much longer than it actually is.

The underlying melodies, that become more and more apparent after each listen, reveal a very sincere, down to earth-feeling in the music. The many singing styles; powerful cleans, whispers, dark growling and screamy howling complement the instruments nicely and provide lots of variety. It’s like listening to a mix-up of songs from Gojira, In Mourning, Omnium Gatherum and Opeth, which should be taken as a compliment. The overall atmosphere on this EP is vibrant and full of energy, without being in-your-face and hyperactive, which I really appreciate.

Brutai is based in London and this self-titled EP is their first release. They are off to a really, really good start, don’t miss out on this. It’s well worth your time. And your money.

Digital EP, self-released, on April 30, 2013 and physical version in July, 2013


Stream the EP here


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