Album Review: Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls by Glorior Belli

PromoImageYou got to love it when a band names their album with a title that sums up perfectly what the listener is going to find within it.  On the new record by Glorior Belli gators do rumble and chaos does unfurl.  They rumble and unfurl so much that for the past week since this record landed in the Metal State inbox I have not been able to stop listening to the thing.  I’ve known about the band for a bit of time now, but like the horrible metal head that I am, I just never got around to checking them out, so unfortunately I can’t tell you whether this record is better or worse than the bands previous efforts.  But what I can tell you, as a newcomer to Glorior Belli, I will be hunting down the bands entire backlog over the next few months as their approach to black metal is one of the freshest and most original I’ve heard in years.

Basically the rumbling of the gators comes from the thick base of Louisianan swamp fueled stoner/groove metal that brings much inspiration from roots metal bands like Down.  The chaos naturally comes from the blistering black metal end where visceral vocals, unrelenting blast beats, and tremolo picking furies work their way into hazy grooves of the bayou.  On paper the mix of the 2 polarizing styles would sound jarring, but in practice and in the hands of Glorior Belli nothing but the smoothest transitions and mixes of the two happens.

PromoImageTracks like the murky “A Hoax, A Croc” and “Le Blackout Blues” start off and continue on with heavy black metal atmospheres and as they incorperate elements like blues leads and licks as well as fat grooves get layered on and before you know it you’re thrashing around inside of a rundown barn hidden in the swamp with a jug of moonshine in your hand and your face painted in black and white.  And to keep things constantly progressive and varied, Glorior Belli takes the inverse approach on tracks like “From One Rebel to Another” and “Ain’t No Pit Deep Enough” where they get right to the groovy rocking right off the bat and then get to adding in the black metal elements.  And of course they have no problem tossing the whole kitchen sink at your right from the get-go with “Wolves At My Door”.

I really don’t have much else to say about Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls other than I absolutely fucking loved this album so fucking much.  Fresh, original, flat-out fun.  I can not recommend giving the record a listen enough.  There is not a bad song or non-engaging part during its 45 minute run time (side note: 45 min, perfect album length) and along with this years new Revocation, The Ocean, and Clutch releases Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls recieves my highest of accolades and gets added to the list of albums that will be in constant rotation long after their hype dies down.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls is set to be released through Agonia Records on Oct. 29th EU and Nov. 12 USA and you can pre-order your copy here (DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Check out the both the album trailer and the full song single for “I Asked for Wine, He Gave Me Blood” to get a good idea of what things to expect from this jawdropping release.


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