Album Reviews: Taketh – Ignorance Is Strength and Noumena – Death Walks With Me

a1775136158_10Taketh – Ignorance Is Strength

Taketh is a Swedish melodic death metal band and this is their second full length album. It contains ten tracks of typical sounding melo death, with growling vocals, melodic choruses and middle paced songs. The songs are well written and well performed and although the lyrics are a bit simple and too cliché, it still works out okay. After a couple of listens it gets a bit repetitive, both the music and the vocals don’t have much variation to them and some riffs seem a bit overused. I like the guitar solos and the more screamy, powerful vocals that appear at times. More of that and a little more diversity and maybe it could have been a more than average release. The last song is titled “Mind Numbing Crap” and makes me suspect the band isn’t overly serious about this release and when I hear it ends with someone saying “Oh well, shut up” in Swedish, I smile to myself and think my suspicions were probably right. But I hope Taketh are having fun when creating music, which is all that matters in the end!

Previous releases: Freakshow 2005

Self-released, September 1st 2013


Full album stream:


NoumenalogoNoumena – Death Walks With Me

Noumena is another melodic death metal band, also from a Nordic country, Finland to be more exact. ‘Death Walks With Me’ is their fourth full length release since they started back in 1998. When released the album hit #27 on the top 50 album charts in its country. This is the type of melancholic melodic metal that the Finns seem to be so good at and should appeal to a wide range of metal fans and especially fans of Insomnium, Amorphis, Omnium Gatherum and In Flames.photo2

But Noumena has something the others don’t; a contributing female vocalist with an impressive singing voice. I like her dark tone, many times reminding me of Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and there’s a nice balance between male growling and female clean vocals. The songwriting is excellent and the sound dynamic and clear; it’s varied, mellow and beautiful. The lyrical theme revolves around death and loss, involving everything from historical barbaric events to more philosophical viewpoints on death. There’s a wide range of unusual instruments used, like French horn, mandolin, violins/cellos and saxophone to create a powerful and interesting atmosphere. This is definitely a highly underrated band, so check them out!

Previous releases: Pride/Fall 2002, Absence 2005, Anatomy of Life 2006

Out on Haunted Zoo Productions, April 18th 2013


Full album stream:


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