Johnny Wore Black: Song Release – Gift of Desperation

5ff6a44efd5211e2b8cc22000a1d2017_7For those of you that visit us regularly, you probably know that we love metal!  But, sometimes we allow ourselves to be inspired by the not-so-metal sounds of other artists.  And, when I say not-so-metal I just mean not the extreme of death or black metal and everything in between.  It still has to rock for us to talk about it.  Johnny Wore Black (JWB) is that artist I have been following since the release of the song and video for All The Rage quite some time ago.

In this case I am talking more of a Porcupine Tree vibe…the songs released so far are slow, but dark,  moody, and melodic with occasional boosts of harder edged rock.  Since All The Rage was released, Johnny Wore Black doused our senses with two other songs; Noise and Up In Flames…all very enticing songs further increasing my anticipation for a full-length album.  Well, at least we finally a name for that album…Walking Underwater and it should be released in early 2014.  It’s still a ways down the road, but keeping with some kind of playbook for song releases, Johnny Wore Black released another treat.  Here are my thoughts on Gift of Desperation.

One cool thing to note immediately, is that this is (I believe) the third collaborative effort with Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson.  That’s not to say it’s the fastest, most upbeat song released so far; it’s actually quite a somber, emotional song that holds my attention all the way through.  A consistent rhythm and melodic chorus carries the song from beginning to end.  I like the intermittent burst of a heavier style riffing that gives the song a bit of a tougher edge for a song with such deep meaning.  This is definitely the kind of song to mellow out to when the need arises, which is at least once a day for me.  Gift of Desperation is centered around a topic most people can relate to.  As stated from JWB’s websiteGift of Desperation is a thought-provoking dark, melodic song where the words and music explore some of the harsh realities of finding a way out of darkness.”

The songs certainly emanates that mood described from their site.  I always appreciate lyrical content with depth and so far Johnny Wore Black has yet to disappoint.  I hope all these teasers are leading up to what I expect will be a seriously solid album.  Overall, the latest track is another meaningful song that promises to be part a collection of excellent collaborative efforts both musically and on the production side.  Additionally, JWB launched a Pledge Music site where they offer tons of signed merchandise and other cool things.  I think you all know how these things work by now.  Just click here and you can read more about it and be part of the process.  Be patient, Walking Underwater is coming…and it will be reviewed here as soon as I get my hands on it.

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