Songs That Define My Taste In Music #8 & #7 (Reggie)

music-taste--large-msg-132724488296Talking to other metal admirers has certainly opened my ears to a world of music I barely knew existed.  I have to say, my library has expanded quite a bit over the years though meeting friends in blogs and social forums.  A recent conversation on a facebook forum called “I, Author of Despair” led me to do some soul searching on songs that define my taste in music, more specifically heavy metal.  When asked, I usually tell people I just like the aggressive nature of the music, but after thinking about it for a bit I realized there are so many other reasons that define my particular taste…reasons that opened the door to my favorite genres and opened further doors to new ones.   Those 10 reasons in no particular order are Speed, Cadence, and Flow; Rhythm and Groove; Guitars; Presentation and Appearance; Disposition; Artistic Impression; Technicality; Poignant Intelligible Lyrics; Storytelling; and Aggression.  Although some of the bands used to articulate the things that define my taste can cross over into multiple areas, I use them as good examples of why it defines my taste in music.

#8 – Guitars

The quickest way to my heavy metal heart is through guitars.  I love a good riff and love even more a solid guitar solo.  If I hear an intro to a song that has a good riff and later follows up with a quality solo, I will usually be hooked.  Yeah, I am that easy.  The rest of the song still has to be good, but my ears gravitate toward guitars, riffs, and solos and if there are two guitarists in a band that do tandem and trade-off solos it’s even better.  Megadeth’s Holy Wars…The Punishment Due is one of my favorite songs, but also defines this category for me and probably established my love for good guitar work.  It has everything from a cool intro that still gives me chills when I hear it to multiple solos that are technical and best of all lengthy without being boring.  I love that Chris Broderick is in Megadeth now, but there is no denying the harmonies created by the duo of Mustaine and Friedman back in the day.

Other bands that fit:  Dream Theater, Carcass, Testament, Pantera, and Opeth

#7 – Presentation and Appearance

It’s not the most important thing in the world to look cool on stage, but if a band pulls off a “look” it can certainly add to the experience.  Kiss did it well and so did Slipknot, Alice Cooper, and Marilyn Manson.  Currently, Ghost is tearing up stages all over the world and their presence on stage is so simple, yet so powerful and a perfect fit for their songwriting.  You have to see Ghost to understand what I am talking about.  Other bands try to pull off a certain look and fail on an epic level.  Look at Black veil Brides for example.  I don’t know what they are doing, but they look stupid and have a stupid band name as well.  Another thing that goes along with appearance is presentation.  A band can have the look, but how they present themselves on stage is vitally important.  Ghost, for example, has perfected presentation.  They have done everything right; they have the package deal.  On the other hand, Metallica’s jeans and t-shirts approach always worked fine for me and that’s the perfect presentation for them and other bands like them.

Other bands that fit:  Cradle of Filth, Gwar, Misfits, Fleshgod Apocalypse


About Reggie

Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. Ghost is still a thing I didn’t get really into, but certainly the put on a great show. One day after your last post my Judas Priest Collection arrived, which replaces now the only two records of Priest I had before. Also it contains Screaming for Vengeance. What an awesome record! And it has one song, that really fits both categories of this post (concering #8, I’m that easy too 😉 ):

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